Morgku - Morgku is a Google Chrome extension to play music through your Roku's MOG channel by browsing instead of using the Roku's remote. You need a Roku device with the MOG channel installed (and a subscription, obviously), and Google Chrome.

You can install Morgku from the Chrome Web Store. After installing, you need to configure Morgku. You will see the Morgku settings window the next time you visit, and you can find it after that under Mog's settings icon in the upper right corner of

The extension adds "Roku" links to songs, albums and playlists, wherever it can find them. Note: Sometimes the Roku will not immediately respond after clicking a Roku link on Mog, but will start playing after a few moments of inactivity. Please be sure to check your IP address and network connectivity before reporting any issues. Remoku, an html5 Roku remote, may be useful for determining that your Roku is functioning correctly and able to talk to network apps.

Morgku was written by Oliver Smith and modified to work with the new Mog interface by A. Cassidy Napoli. Cassidy is the current code maintainer.